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The Energies of the Moon for Each Calendar Month~

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The Energies of the Moon for Each Calendar Month~

Post by Lunar on Sun Oct 02, 2016 10:59 pm

January Moon: Also called the Wolf Moon, the January Moon has the energies of the New Year.

February Moon: Also called the Ice Moon, the February Moon has the energies for a soul searching journey.

March Moon: The March Moon, also called the Worm Moon, has the energy for new beginnings.

April Moon: The April or Growing Moon is packed with energies for growth and gatherings.

May Moon: The Hare Moon, also called the May Moon, is known for its energies for physical, emotional and mental nourishment.

June Moon : The Mead Moon is the best time for understanding.

July Moon: The Hay or July Moon is full of energy for the future.

August Moon: Also called the Corn Moon, the August Moon energizes you with the ability to let go and move on.

September Moon: Also called the Harvest Moon, the September Moon is the best time for achieving results

October Moon: The October Moon, called the Blood Moon, gives positive energies related to building, creating and beginning new relationships, business ventures etc.

November Moon: The Snow Moon equips you with the energy to give up negativity and bad thoughts. It gives you the power to release all that bothers you.

December Moon: The Cold Moon is the best time and energizer to leave behind what doesn’t fit in your life.

With this knowledge about the moon, its sighting and its phases, anyone wanting to cast a spell can plan when to do so in the best manner. Because every spell has a particular lunar phase during which it has maximum effect, the moon and its movements should be considered beforehand so that the ritual yields the best results.


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