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Charm bags~

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Charm bags~

Post by Lunar on Wed Oct 05, 2016 6:54 pm

Charm bags are really nice to work with as they strengthen our magickal workings. You may also see them referred to as spell bags. So when would you use something like this? There are so many ways you can use them. You can work a spell and then put some of the ingredients from the spell in the bag and carry it with you to strengthen the spell. I like to keep personal trinkets in mine that represent what I am currently working on. For instance I will have a small piece of hematite in it for protection, a picture of something I'm working on, special scents that are significant to me etc. They are very easy to make as well. You can have just one that you carry on you, or if you wish you can have several. For awhile I carried one that I used specifically to calm me. It had a clear quartz crystal in it, some lavender, white pebbles, and a feather that was significant to me. It's all about you and your intentions so make them as personal as you can!

How to Make a Charm Bag

1. Choose a material to use for your bag. You want to make sure that the material is durable, but pleasant for you to work with. Velvet is a really nice choice to work with and one that I use most frequently.

2. Choose the color for your bag. You can choose a color that has special meaning for you if you are making a personal bag, or if it is to help strengthen a specific spell, choose a color that corresponds to the spell you are working on.

- White for purity or peace, angels or spirit guides
- Red for passion
- Orange for courage
- Yellow for energy and positive emotions
- Green for financial prosperity or fairies
- Blue for spirituality and healin
- Purple for intuition and psychic awareness
- Pink for love
- Gold for wealth and prosperity or a God
- Silver for the Goddes
- Black for banishing

This is just a partial list to get you started

2. Cut your chosen material into two square sections. Put the two pieces together and have the insides facing each other. Think of it as your bag inside out.

3. Sew three of the sides together. While you are sewing visualize your intent for this bag. If you have specific goals think about how you will feel when they come true.

4. Decorate your bag. Get creative! sparkle it up! Draw symbols, write words, sew beads, sequins, decorations etc. This is your bag :

5. This part is optional. You can either sew the bag closed, but I like to sew a ribbon around the top of the bag. If you choose to do this you will want to do it before adding the ingredients. Depending on the material you can cut several slits around the top of the bag and weave the ribbon in and out, or you can fold the material over the ribbon and stitch the ribbon in place at the top of the bag, leaving enough excess to tie the ribbon afterward. If you don't anticipate using the bag again, you can simply sew the bag shut when you are done. I like having a way to open and close it in case I find other trinkets to add to the bag to contribute to the energy.

6. Add what you wish to the bag, it can be anything to do with what you are working on. You may want to add essential oils to the inside of the bag as well to make it smell nice. I'm a big aroma girl.

7. Carry it with you.


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