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insight into the clairs~

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insight into the clairs~

Post by Lunar on Thu Oct 06, 2016 6:00 pm

insight into the clairs

The clairs are the senses and how they are used in working with spirit, below you will find a few examples of these and what the meanings are, please feel free to ask questions and post about your own experiences using them....

1) Clairaudience.... This comes from the french and means "clear hearing"
it is the ability to receive sounds, music and voices, that are not audible to normal hearing

2) Clairfragrance.... This means to have the ability to smell things that can be related to those who have passed, for example, a perfume a loved one would have worn, the smell of tobacco or cigarette smoke, flowery aromas tend to be the most common, a smell that comes and goes, that others around you may not be able to smell....

3) Clairgustus.... This clair dosent seem to be as common as the others, but this is where you can experience sweet or sour tastes in your mouth, this may happen when you havent eaten, and can come and go much like clairfragrance....

4) Clairsentience.... Another one of the more common clairs, this again comes from the french and means "clear feeling" this is usually picked up through the gut feeling or intuition, just knowing something without having any explanation as to how....

5) Clairvoyance.... A common clair that comes from the french and meaning "clear seeing" this refers to the power to see an event or an image in the past, present or future, this does not happen with your physical eyes but with your inner eyes., this can be a form of symbols or images....


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