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Fire Quartz Manifestation Spell~

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Fire Quartz Manifestation Spell~

Post by Lunar on Fri Oct 07, 2016 6:43 pm

Fire Quartz Manifestation Spell~

To manifest something means to outwardly express it or make it visible. This spell can help you manifest a goal or wish, and bring it into reality. Fire Quartz is used for this spell because it taps into the Element of Fire for transformation, and utilizes the iron content of the stone for strength and stability during the change. Fire is also the Element associated with passion. Make your passion a reality.

What do you desire? Finding your dream house or dream job? Perhaps you dream of traveling the world, or successfully completing a large project. Just remember: you must be ready for the change as well as the challenges it presents; it could be a dramatic (and unpredictable) process.

Hold the stone in your projective hand. Visualize yourself having achieved your goal. See it actually happening. Next, state your goal aloud as you write it on a piece of paper; fold the paper and place your Fire Quartz stone on top of it. Create a circle of red (or white) candles around the stone and paper. Alternately, use one large red or white candle and place it near the stone and paper. Light the candle(s) and chant:

Spark and sparkle, stone and fire,
Know my truest heart's desire.
Focus action on my passion,
Make it real, make it happen.
For good of all and harm to none,
As I will, it shall be done.

Allow the candle(s) to burn out. Carry the stone with you whenever you can, especially when involved in tasks related to your goal; otherwise, place it where you can see it each day.

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