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Aromatherapy for energy and happiness~

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Aromatherapy for energy and happiness~

Post by Lunar on Sat Oct 08, 2016 2:20 pm

There’s a powerful force you can put to use in your life lurking right under your nose, and you may not even know it. It’s the power of scent. With just a whiff of the right fragrance, your mental state and even your health can improve. Smell has a stronger impact on the brain than any of your other senses. Sometimes altering your mood is as easy as taking a sniff of the right aroma.
When you’re feeling down, depressed, like everything you do is taking so much out of you and you’re dragging your feet, use the principles behind aromatherapy to help bring you out of your funk.


Cinnamon, allspice and cloves have spicy scents that are eye-opening and vitalizing. They are excellent to use in early mornings to give you that boost you need to get your day going.

Rosemary and basil act as focus-boosters. They’re the best option for when you’re working, studying or need to think.

Geranium can reduce your anxiety and stress, giving you a lift. In the middle of the day, when things are getting tough but you still have a lot to do, a bit of geranium can put you in a better frame of mind.

Citrus scents are not only revitalizing, but can bring on a lighter, more cheerful disposition. It doesn’t matter if it’s lemon, lime, grapefruit or oranges— they all have similar effects.


Traditionally, aromatherapy utilizes essential oils. These oils may be diffused, steamed or diluted and rubbed on the body. When using essential oils, be sure to use pure oils for the best results.

Chemically created fragrance oils are harsh and don’t have the same effect.

Drizzle some oils into your bath, your laundry, or mix it with water in a spray bottle and spritz the room. Put it in your mopping water or furniture polish. Put a few drops on cotton balls and tuck them into closets or behind furniture to scent the room.

For a portable option, rub some essential oils onto a cotton cloth, such as a bandana, and carry it in a plastic baggie. Whenever you need a lift, pull your cloth out.

Never rub essential oils directly onto the body; always mix a small amount of oil into base oils like olive oil or grape oil, or mix it into creams and lotions. Never, ever consume essential oils.


Oils are not the only way to bring these scents into your life. Simmering potpourri pots or even a pot of simmering water on the stove will extract the scents from herbs, spices, flowers and fruit and perfume the room.

A cup of tea is a quick and easy way to give your spirit a little boost. Keep a foil-wrapped tea bag of lemon or cinnamon tea in your wallet, purse or drawer at work. For a quick little aromatherapy session, just get a cup of boiling water and immerse the tea bag- then hold it up to your face for a while and inhale the steam.

Incense is a quick and easy way to set the mood with scents. Sticks and cones will do, but raw incense— ground incense sprinkled on self-igniting incense charcoal— is the most effective way to fume a room and get the fragrance to linger.

Life can be draining. If all it takes is a little essential oil or a few herbs and incense sticks at the end of the day to improve your mood, why put it off?


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