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Dream interpretation of water~

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Dream interpretation of water~

Post by Lunar on Sat Oct 08, 2016 3:18 pm

The sacred elements were believed by alchemists and mystics to make up all things. We know now that earth, air, fire and water are chemical compounds, not literal elements. Symbolically, however, elemental energies are still considered well known archetypes.

An understanding of these elements and what they symbolize is rooted in the human subconscious mind. That’s why dreams about them are something to which you should really pay attention.


The symbolism of water relates to our emotions and feelings, particularly those beneath the surface. Generally they deal with our sensitivities, things we care about or things for which we have great compassion.

Water is where we begin life— in the womb. As such, it’s nurturing and comforting. Water is cleansing, as we bathe and refresh ourselves in it, but it’s also something in which we can drown if we get in over our heads.

Water often shows us what’s going on deep within us, in our subconscious minds. Water is also associated with women and mysteries, due to the way the tides and the menstrual cycle are influenced by the moon.

BEING UNDERWATER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When you dream that you’re underwater and you’re struggling, it usually points to a lack of emotional control. You may feel overwhelmed with emotions and you don’t know how to manage them.

If in a dream you find yourself underwater and totally at peace, floating happily and not worried about air, you are comfortable with your emotional state and expressing your emotions. Either that, or you are trying to escape from life-- to go somewhere more peaceful and safe from the world (like back in the womb).

Pay attention to anything you find or see underwater in your dreams. Objects found under water represent the things in your life that you have subconscious feelings about, but you are suppressing that feeling in your waking life.


Swimming in your dreams means you’re delving into your subconscious or your emotions and doing a bit of exploration.

Generally, if something is chasing you in your dreams, it means you’re trying to escape or run away from some problem or aspect of your life. If you’re being chased while swimming, the thing you’re trying to get away from probably revolves around your emotions or feelings.

There’s something you don’t want to deal with, something you fear in your life that you don’t want to face.
Seeking or finding a floatation device to help you swim or stay afloat means you’ve found a system of support— particularly emotional support.

BODIES OF WATER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A pool or small pond is generally seen as a safe, controlled, familiar environment for exploration. If the pool or pond is drained, it probably indicates you’re feeling emotionally drained or stunted.
Larger bodies of water, like the ocean or lakes, can indicate a feeling of freedom and hope. You may feel rejuvenated and nurtured by the natural body of water, however it can also mean you’re overwhelmed or lost in your own emotions.

Rivers, waves and rushing bodies of water mean you’re being “swept away” in emotional tides. If the river is peaceful, however, it could mean you’re going with the flow.

WASHING OR DRINKING~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

To bathe or shower indicates you’re refreshed and renewed— you’re cleansing yourself, ridding yourself of things that no longer serve you. If you’re having trouble washing off dirt, it may mean your life is “muddy” right now; perhaps you’re being emotionally dishonest.

Drinking water in the dream is refreshing to your soul— it’s a sign that you’re spiritually growing and “drinking in” the benefits of your experiences.


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