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Dream interpretations~ common themes~

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Dream interpretations~ common themes~

Post by Lunar on Sat Oct 08, 2016 4:14 pm

Since ancient times, the study of dreams has been of interest to many people Understanding and interpreting dreams is considered a great and powerful gift.
Consider the story of Joseph in the Bible where he was favored by the Pharaoh due to his gift of dream interpretation and prophecy. In fact, it made Joseph a wealthy and powerful man!
Developing the skill of deciphering the coded messages contained within dreams is both fun and rewarding.


We all have them even if we can’t remember them. During the rapid eye movement (REM) stage of sleep our brains become very active. Images, feelings and sensations are experienced within our minds during this phase, which we know as dreaming. There is a lot of debate as to the function of dreams and if they actually contain meaning. Regardless of the opinions, dreams can be evaluated on a personal level and provide insight into the depths of your mind.


Dreams are as unique and varied as each individual person. However we do run into some common symbols and themes. Here are some examples:

Teeth can symbolize our appearance and power. We smile with our teeth and use them to help us speak. Dreams of unhealthy teeth or teeth falling out of the mouth could indicate a lack of confidence, difficulty facing others or even telling lies.

Flying is always an interesting theme. Depending on the context of the dream it could mean taking a big risk or cruising along on an adventure. Dreams of flying usually relate to feelings of fear and/or freedom in life.

Feeling as if you are falling is also a common dream. This experience is physically caused by muscle twitching and spasms during early sleep stages. Psychologically is can symbolize insecurity, fear of failure or performance anxiety.

Dreams of being pursued or chased can be frightening. The dreamer often experiences the “fight or flight” response. These dreams often suggest that there is stress and anxiety in your life. A good question to ask yourself is, “Who or what is after you lately?” It could indicate problems with a demanding boss or project for example.

Nakedness in a dream usually relates to feelings of insecurity or vulnerability. Fears of being found out or “caught with your pants down” are highlighted in these dreams. In some cases you may feel comfortable being nude which shows that you’re willing to “bare it all.”

Test taking dreams symbolize self confidence and preparedness. These dreams ask, “Are you up to the test?” You may be struggling with questions or judgments from others during your waking life. There may also be challenges in your life affecting your self esteem.

Various animals can also show up in dreams. Snakes, spiders, dogs, cats and birds are just some examples. Each one can represent both negative and positive aspects.

Snakes for instance can symbolize threats, but also regeneration and renewal.

Spiders and their webs can symbolize deceit, but also industriousness and creativity.

Dogs often symbolize loyalty, but can represent betrayal if they are vicious in the dream.

Cats often represent independence, but can also symbolize misfortune.

Birds are symbolic of freedom, but can mean disappointment if they are dying or falling from the sky.


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