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5 must have healing and energy crystals~

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5 must have healing and energy crystals~

Post by Lunar on Sat Oct 08, 2016 5:02 pm

Crystals are wonderful and versatile tools for healing and energy work. There are numerous crystals available in all colors, shapes and sizes. There are different types of crystals each containing unique properties for specific uses. Some are good for protection, some for grounding, and some for enhancing the different chakras and so on.

While it would be great to own hundreds of distinct crystals in a personal collection, it is not always practical or economically feasible. If you are on a budget and can only afford a few, there are some essential crystals you can purchase which have multiple uses. These are merely suggestions and consulting a crystal healer or retail shop is always a good idea.


This violet-purple colored quartz has many uses and is good to have in your collection. It can assist with spiritual development and transmutation of lower consciousness into higher vibrations. It is reminiscent of the purifying and transmuting “violet flame” which is used for healing. This is a very helpful crystal for those on a spiritual journey. It can also assist with development of the third eye chakra, pineal and pituitary glands, and the right brain.


This is an interesting crystal as it is actually glass formed from volcanic eruptions. It was often used by primitive cultures for tools and arrow heads. There are different variations including black and snowflake obsidian, which is black with white snowflake like patterns. Black stones in particular are useful for protection. This crystal is good for grounding and is associated with the root chakra. It is also helpful for releasing emotions and dealing with grief.

CLEAR QUARTZ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

There are numerous varieties of quartz in different colors (like amethyst). However clear quartz is probably what most people think of when they hear the word quartz. Clear quartz has a number of properties. It can act as a transmitter and intensifies thought forms. A wonderful healing and balancing stone, clear quartz is great to use during meditation. It resonates with all the chakras of the body and can help clear out negative or stuck energy.

ROSE QUARTZ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Another form of quartz, this light pink or rose colored stone is both beautiful and spiritually uplifting. It has special properties related to love and the heart chakra. Working with rose quartz helps to open and heal the heart and emotions. Higher expressions of love such as compassion and empathy are also enhanced with its use. There can never be too much love in the world, so this crystal is a nice one to keep on hand.

CRYSTAL CARE AND USE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~#

The care and use of crystals doesn’t have to be complicated. The best resource is the retailer where you purchase your crystals. They can give you great tips and advice about cleaning and using your crystals. A good rule of thumb is to store your crystals safely in a soft cloth pouch unless you are displaying them. Most crystals can be cleaned with a soft damp cloth and placed in the sun to dry. As for using your crystals, they can be held or placed near you during meditation. You can also display them around your home in a prominent place or on your desk at work. Crystals may also be placed on areas of the body that need healing or even put under your pillow to enhance dreams. Again, use your retailer or research the internet for the crystal type best suited for your purpose. As your crystal collection grows so will your knowledge!

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