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Post by Lunar on Sun Oct 09, 2016 2:44 pm

The terms angel, spirit guide and guardian spirits are often used when referring to otherworldly beings that help people, guide us or deliver messages. These beings can be largely misunderstood, and for good reason—encounters are rare, fleeting, and often are just barely on the edge of our ability of perception.
Sometimes the terms are even used interchangeably, as they are easy to get confused. There are distinct differences, however, mostly in regard to the nature of these three different types of friends from the other side.

Angels are immortal celestial beings of light. They exist to serve the Divine Source, and work between the Divine realms and human realms. Angels are not, and never have been, humans. They may appear to look male or female to us when they appear in a form in which we can understand, but they’re actually genderless.

There are many different ways in which an angel may serve; sometimes it working more directly with the Divine in the Heavens. Other times it is working more directly with human beings, such as in the case of guardian angels. Other angels are go-betweens, delivering messages or miracles, or interceding on Divine orders.

Every person is assigned at least one (more often, two or more) guardian angels. These angels are with us from before birth until after death, guiding and, when necessary, protecting us.

The biggest difference between angels and spirit guides is that spirit guides were once human—they are human souls. They are more spiritually evolved— pure souls who have devoted their own afterlife to helping others. Another term you may have heard that refers to spirit guide is ‘ascended master’. They have – to put in Buddhist terms — achieved enlightenment, and thus have no further need for further incarnations. In their wisdom and selflessness, though, they wish to continue to aid and serve fellow human beings.

Spirit guides often assist angels, and try to help us understand the bigger picture. Having been human, they understand our unique emotions and situations in a personal way.

Sometimes these guides attach to particular humans. They may see potential in you, or they may see someone teetering on the edge and want to help. Sometimes they’ll find a human with psychic gifts, and they decide to work closely with that person from the other side in a mutually beneficial partnership. In other cases, they’re just trying to get a lesson across, and they’ll turn to anyone they think can help them do that… they may go from person to person in this attempt.

Guardian spirits are also spirits of (usually) human beings, though they are not necessarily spiritually evolved or finished with their own incarnations. More often, they are simply spirits who take a personal interest in your safety and well-being.

Usually a guardian spirit is someone who had a connection to you. They may be a deceased family member, friend or ancestor who has taken an interest in you because of your relationship. They might also be the spirit of someone you knew in another life—someone to whom you were close. They don’t happen to be going through an incarnation at this time, so they have decided that they want to help you from the other side. They may be there throughout your whole life, or for only a certain part of it.

Interestingly enough, sometimes guardian spirits guard animals; sometimes animals are guardian spirits. It’s not unheard of for deceased pet owners to be spotted watching over their beloved animals, or for deceased pets to watch over their beloved humans.
Considering all the challenges of life, and how hard it can be, it’s good to know we have so much help available.


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