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Incarnated Angels?

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Incarnated Angels?

Post by Lunar on Mon Oct 10, 2016 10:04 pm

Angels Incarnate… Who Are They And What Is Their Purpose?

Incarnated angels are exactly what they sound like… The souls of angels who have incarnated as humans with specific missions and purposes here in the physical. Often called Earth Angels, they are angels living life as humans on earth.
But why?

You’ve probably heard before that angels have not, or will not live lives as humans… And this is mostly true. Sometimes though, Angels incarnate as people with a very specific objective, or lesson to teach here in the physical. Incarnated angels may live for only a short while, to fulfill their mission, teach and directly impact someone’s life, and then they are gone. But this isn’t always the case either, as some incarnated angels missions unfold throughout their long, human life. Missions range from helping a person to open their heart, offering healing and love, as well as directly guiding supporting and assisting individuals (and the masses) in elevating spiritually, ascending, and linking with the Divine.

Incarnated angels are very much human. The souls of these angels must pass through the veil of illusion to enter into life as as an incarnated angel (a human being). Incarnated angels must forget the full extent of their light, and angelic qualities and dive into experiencing the pain, loneliness, contrast, vulnerability, love, and joy of being human.

Most incarnated angels do set up triggers and clues on their path to help them remember their origins though, and with this knowledge they are able to access a great deal of their angelic attributes and divine power from within (as we all are able to do). Incarnated angels aren’t better than anyone else, they just have a different origin, and are often aware at some level of their history as an angelic spiritual being! Due to their past soul experiences in direct union with the Divine, they tend to preserve a very close relationship with the Divine throughout their human expression.

This Divine connection leads to increased creativity, sensitivity, and a profound interest in the spiritual realms beyond the physical. Earth angels are not without challenges though, and due to their past experiences being completely telepathic, communication and emotions may be challenging to manage and so many of these Incarnated Angels are drawn to express themselves through music, art, and in writing.

One interesting thing about Incarnated Angels, is that they often retain their wings etherically (which represent the ability to carry about Divine will). No, they can’t fly physically… But lifting to link directly with the Divine is completely natural for them. As for halos, yes! But, really, because the halo is just a representation of the light of the crown chakra, everyone whose energy is clear and connected has a halo!

Are They Fallen Angels?

Because there is much information out there saying angels never incarnate, you might wonder if the incarnate angels have fallen away from the Divine, hence arriving on the earth plane of duality.
This isn’t the case. Most often incarnate angels are here on Divine assignment to teach, help, and serve… But also to learn, grow and discover more about their soul and nature through their work on Earth.

Spiritual Origins

In some way’s we are all similar to incarnated angels, because we existed prior to our life on Earth in spirit. The difference is just origins, and where in the hierarchy of the spiritual realms we were prior to this and other lifetimes. But for us all, we’re here to serve, learn, grow and make a difference.
One step at a time you have the ability to reconnect with your full light as a spiritual being, and quite possibly the light of your higher angelic self, from right here in the physical.


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