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Protection tips and tricks for wiccans

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Protection tips and tricks for wiccans Empty Protection tips and tricks for wiccans

Post by Lunar on Wed Sep 28, 2016 3:05 pm

There are many basic techniques of protection that don’t require any rituals or incantations. These things are so easy and effective that all Wiccans need to know about them:

Salt – A circle of salt around an area prevents negative entities and demons from crossing into it. You can make a line of salt along a door or windowsill to make it impassable.

Iron – Iron symbolises the pure will, and repels evil. This is why Wiccans sometimes put an iron object in the entrance of their homes to deter unwanted visitors. Three iron nails driven into the frame of a door or window (one at each bottom corner and one in the top middle) block malevolent spirits from passing. It is also said that most spirits are unable to cross a railway line, because the iron forms an impenetrable wall for them. They must instead use a bridge or a tunnel below ground.

Silver  – This symbolises the Moon and the Goddess, making silver jewellery easy to enchant to make talismans of protection. A silver pentacle is a powerful protection even without a spell.

The Pentacle – the five-pointed star symbolising the five elements can be traced almost anywhere as a powerful symbol of protection.

Light – Many lesser demons avoid bright places and attack only when it is dark. This unfortunately has no use against the demons of higher rank.

Fire – Some evil spirits fear fire, especially those spirits related to water or ice.  In some cases, a single candle can be a protection.

Crystals – Four quartz crystals previously blessed by a witch can create a circle of protection very quickly. Simply arrange them in a circle on the ground to create a circle that most spirits would find it hard to cross. This circle can protect you, or instead it can be used to trap a spirit in the middle. The circle is much stronger if the crystals are placed by  the cardinal points.

Gemstones – stones and gems have qualities useful in magic, and many are effective for protection. Tiger’s eye reflects negative energies to their source; Amethyst blocks manipulative spells and decreases the effect of harmful potions, magnetite can be used to entrap lesser demons, while opal can temporarily lock even higher demons, onyx and obsidian capture and cancel various negative energies including those used in necromancy. The mineral most often used by sorcerers is clear quartz, but it must be blessed or enchanted for it to be effective as protection.

Two apples and a knife – This is another very simple method to create a circle of protection. An apple cut in half crosswise presents five areas containing its seeds as a natural pentacle! Deposited on the ground by  the cardinal points, two half apples create a circle of temporary protection, which disappears when the apples are completely oxidized and have changed colour.

Incense – Some types of incense can make the air unbearable for bad spirits.  If you have a good quality incense, you can keep many of them away.  The most common protective incense types are sandalwood, patchouli, myrrh, frankincense and sage.

Plants – Several herbs, spices and other plants used in Wicca have protective qualities. Garlic repels creatures that drain their victims (thus everything that has a vampiric nature); saffron and thyme deter flying spirits that are associated with wind; rosemary repels evil spirits associated with water; Sage, when burnt, is very cleansing and intolerable to evil spirits. Henbane and aconite violently repel demons, but they are very toxic plants so be careful when handling them! Lilacs planted near a home will deter wandering spirits who come by chance (but they won’t stop those who come with a clear goal in mind). Branches of a thorny plant (such as a rose) placed along a door or windowsill will form a barrier as effective as a line of salt. Finally, myrrh strengthens almost all spells and protective talismans.

The Athame – Although many Wiccans do not sharpen their athame and never use it to cut anything, this knife is nevertheless a weapon, in addition to being a phallic symbol and thus a symbol of God . An athame which has been properly blessed can draw a circle of protection very quickly – point it in the air and draw the boundaries of the circle.  In addition, unlike any other blade, an athame can hurt spirits and demons even though they have no physical body.

Broom – This is a symbol for cleansing, and a broom placed by the door will prevent weaker spirits from entering.  If a particularly dangerous spirit enters the house, the broom will tend to fall to the ground as an alarm signal.

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