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Post by Lunar on Thu Oct 06, 2016 5:35 pm

A Walk-In is a soul who bypasses the usual process of acquiring a human body through being born, going to grade school, and so forth. Instead, the soul makes an agreement with another soul to make an exchange of life energy at some point. What usually happens is that the Walk-In soul approaches a human who’s depressed about their Earthly life. The Walk-In soul begins negotiations during the human’s dream time, saying "instead of your dying or committing suicide, which is a waste of a human body that could be used in service of the Light, please allow me to help. When you’re ready, I’ll take over your body, and you can go home to heaven with full honors. I’ll feed your cat, help your children with their homework, call your mother every Sunday, and take care of your other responsibilities."

Walk-Ins are those who:
*wake up one day and feel like their life is a bad dream, or one they don’t recognize.
*don’t remember their childhoods or significant chunks of their live.
*have a history of suicidal fantasies or attempts.
*have heard from friends and family, "You’re not the same person anymore!"
*make sudden and drastic changes, such as changing their first name, moving, divorcing, switching careers, adopting different religions beliefs and so on.

The Walk-In process is very different from spirit possession, in which a second soul is attached to the person’s body and soul. In a Walk-In situation, souls exchange life energy in the same manner that a car is sold to a new owner. Only one soul occupies a Walk-In’s body. The soul that leaves is called a "Walk-Out." Since there are more souls desiring a human body than there are bodies to house them, the Walk-In soul may come from a waiting list. Or, Walk-In souls could be "twin flames" or "braided" Soulmate of the Walk-Out souls, which means they contacted with the Walk-Out prior to their body’s conception. Usually, though, the Walk-In soul is from a high spiritual level, which a purpose requiring immediate access to an adult body to fulfill that mission.
Usually the souls spend a lot of time discussing their possible soul exchange. They make trial runs, where the Walk-In soul test-drives the new body, and the Walk-Out sold experiences being free of a body. Both parities must be in total agreement before the final exchange is made. If the decision is made to go ahead, then an "intersection episode" is set. This means that the Walk-Out soul engages in a suicide attempt, an accident, surgery, or an out-of-body experience. Or, the exchange happens while the person is sleeping, napping, or meditating,. During the exchange, the old sol leaves and goes to the afterlife plane–exactly as if he or she had died. The new sol immediately enters the body and takes over.

When the new soul awakens, there ‘s usually no memory of the Walk-In process. An amnesia effect occurs whenever a spirit travels from the fourth dimension of the spirit world (where time isn’t measured) and lands in the third dimension of Earthly time and life. This is similar to having a soul-travel dram and learning profound information, but being unable to recall any specific information the next morning.
Walk-In souls don’t remember these exchanges clearly. All they know is that their lives suddenly don’t make sense. Out of the blue (as opposed to feeling gradual dissatisfaction), they feel as if they’re living in the wrong movie. They don’t recognize their children, spouse, or friends. They feel like aliens in their own life.
The Walk-Ins family members and friends will say, "You’re not the same person!" They may say this as a compliment, or as a complaint. When the Walk-In tries to recall their childhood or recent history, their memories are fuzzy or nonexistent.
They don’t relate to their first names, os they change it. This feels better, and encourages them to make other changes that suit their new outlook. They might move, switch occupations, let go of certain people in their life, or initiate a new major project.
The Walk-In soul has a high-level mission to complete and is using the new body to make that mission happen.
The is what typically happens during a Walk-In soul exchange. As with nay situation, there are exceptions. Because this is such a diverse group of souls coming and going, there are no clear patterns among them in terms of physical characteristics, health conditions, or astrological signs. The Walk-In procedure is a process, rather than a realm. Additionally, Walk-In bodies and souls can come from any of the realms.

Life-Path Work for Walk-Ins
If you’re a Walk-In, you came to Earth to teach about Divine Love and peace, and the form that this teaching takes is secondary to the mission. You may feel an urgency to get on with your mission, and it’s a mistake to delay it while awaiting a "perfect" way to express your teaching work. Similarly, don’t delay teaching until you feel adequately prepared.
Your teaching begins with modeling peacefulness, so a daily morning meditation is a must. No matter what your day job is, use whatever methods you can to be a role model for peace. Ask your guides and angels for opportunities to teach peace on a formal basis, and then walk through the doors as they open for you in response to these prayers.

Author Doreen Virtue, PH.D.
Book: Earth Angels

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