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How to Use Crystals to Enhance Psychic Abilities~

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How to Use Crystals to Enhance Psychic Abilities~ Empty How to Use Crystals to Enhance Psychic Abilities~

Post by Lunar on Thu Oct 06, 2016 11:18 pm

Crystals can be used in many ways when it comes to working with and developing psychic abilities. Their natural energies can be incorporated into and used to boost and benefit skills such as divination, scrying, intuition, mediumship and telepathy. They can be used while developing these skills and also while preforming readings and other work based around psychic abilities.

Crystals can be a powerful addition to meditation sessions, which can be used to develop your skills as well benefit and offer insight into all areas of your life. Meditation can also help you develop a deep connection with and understanding of your crystals. The bonds that can form between you and your crystals is unique and can help ensure that every application they are used in is effective.

Importantly crystals can also be used in psychic protection of ourselves, our homes and loved ones. They have long been used as talismans and amulets that were believed to have a variety of purposes such as attracting good luck, ensuring good health and protection in battle.

Using Crystals in Meditation

Purple, white or transparent crystals are generally considered to be a strong connection to the spiritual plane and are therefore thought of as good choices for meditation and developing spiritual awareness and abilities. This includes angelite, amethyst, clear quartz, ametrine, Rhodochrosite and snow quartz. As well as lending their own personal vibrational energies to your meditation, crystals can be useful as a point of focus to keep your mind from wandering. Any crystal that is going to be used in meditation should be thoroughly cleansed first.

Find a quiet place where you will be able to sit undisturbed for the length of your meditation. Ensure that you are comfortable and will not be too hot or cold. Sit with your crystal in your left hand and hold it where you can look at it easily. Relax, take a few deep breathes and slowly exhale.

Focus on your crystal, look at its colour and shape taking in its curves another individual formations. Feel the crystals energy wrap itself around you and completely envelope you. If your thoughts drift, refocus your mind on the crystal.

As you hold the crystal feel and visualise its energy flowing into your hands and spreading up your arms and throughout your whole body. Continue the meditation for 10-15 minutes or as long as you feel comfortable before slowly coming back to your present surroundings.

Morning Meditation

Keep your chosen crystal next to your bedside so that you can easily use it first thing after waking up. If you wish to carry out this exercise avoid using amethyst. This is due to the fact that it has strong channelling and psychic abilities and these qualities can lead to a less restful night’s sleep.

When you first wake up, pick up your crystal and place it on your solar plexus (located just below the breastbone in the middle of the body). Close your eyes and focus on the stone’s energy healing your body. Visualise a warm energy, in the colour of your crystal spreading all over your body from the top of your head and right down to your toes. When you feel calm and relaxed, slowly open your eyes and continue on with your day.

Crystals for Enhancing Specific Psychic Abilities

Astrology – Sphene can help to build a connection and understanding of the stars and planets. It will also help to you see how these influence our lives and moods.

Channelling – Agate, calcite and amethyst are all considered to be good choices for developing channelling abilities. Take care not to keep amethyst near your bedside as its ability to channel can lead to restless sleep. Calcite and agate can help you to communicate with your spirit guides and angelite can help facilitate contact with angels.

Clairsentience – Moldavite can help to increase your ability to sense and feel energies that are around you.

Clairvoyance – Charoite, apophyllite and fire agate are all helpful crystals in helping you to see the world clearly in the past, present and future. Emerald and labradorite are also crystals that are known to aid clairvoyance.

Divination – Golden calcite, opal and blue obsidian can all be used to enhance divination. Many types of crystals also have a traditional meaning and can be used as a divination set. To carry out this form of divination one of each crystal should be placed into a bag. Concentrate on the question you need help with and then pick out the first crystal you touch. The crystal types and meaning for divination are as follows:

Amethyst – A life change and/or shift in consciousness. Freedom from jealous and faithfulness in love.
Agate – Success or a pleasant surprise. A luck stone for anyone who works with the land. Good health, wealth and a long life.
Blue lace agate – Healing is needed.
Black agate – You need and will find courage. Prosperity.
Red agate – A long and happy life.
Bloodstone – Possibly illness or unwelcome surprise.
Red Jasper – Pay attention to earthy matters.
Aventurine – Further growth and expansion is possible.
Garnet – You will soon receive a letter, information or confirmation.
Citrine – Celestial wisdom will advise you.
Clear quartz – Permanence and advancement. Be sure to clarify issues.
Emerald – Fertility.
Hematite – New opportunities are waiting for you.
Jade – A need for perfection.
Lapis lazuli – Luck is in your favour.
Rose quartz – Self-love and healing are needed and will come in time.
Intuition – Charoite, opal, moonstone, rhodolite, sapphire and tiger’s eye are all useful crystals to use in developing intuition and in making sense of information you receive even if you are not sure of the source.

Premonition – Opal and prehnite can help to encourage prophetic visions and dreams.

Protection – Agate, aquamarine, lapis lazuli, smokey quartz, tiger’s eye and turquoise are all crystals that can be used in protection.

Tarot reading – Blue quartz can help in interpreting tarot cards correctly.

Telepathy – Angelite, blue quartz and chalcedony are believed to be able to boost the ability to transfer thoughts to others.

How to Use Crystals to Enhance Psychic Abilities~ Lnrfkn12

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