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Dreaming of a house~ Percent_0

Dreaming of a house~

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Dreaming of a house~ Empty Dreaming of a house~

Post by Lunar on Sat Oct 08, 2016 4:53 pm

A house is a major archetype in dream symbolism. It’s a universal symbol embedded in the subconscious. These types of symbols usually appear to us when the subconscious is seriously trying to tell us something important. Usually these types of dreams occur when there is a lot going on in your life: changes, stress, upheaval or new beginnings. If you dream of a house, pay attention. There is a message in it.


A house generally represents you in your dreams. That’s right—you are the house, believe it or not, and all the different parts of it represent different aspects of yourself. All the different things in the rooms represent different issues you’re going through.
If you really think about your house dream as a dream about yourself, you’ll find you can easily begin to put two and two together to see what it’s telling you.


The type of house you dream about is significant about your situation. If you dream of a mansion, it is a sign of growth. You’re either in the process of it, or just finished with a period of growth. If you dream of a broken-down, ramshackle home, it indicates low self-esteem or a poor self-image, perhaps that you need to take some care of yourself.

Dreaming of a birdhouse generally indicates new beginnings. A funhouse may mean you’ve overcome the things that frighten you, and you’re now even able to laugh about them. A dollhouse may mean you have unrealistic expectations about appearing perfect. School houses mean there’s a lesson you need to learn, while dreaming of court houses indicates you feel like you’re being judged.


What room you find yourself in during your dream will point you toward the issue or person you need to deal with. The basement represents your subconscious, so pay attention to the symbolism lurking in there if your dream self goes into a basement. An attic, on the other hand, may hold in it a message from your higher self.

Bedrooms generally tell us about our romantic relationships or private things we hide away. Closets also indicate secrets being hidden, or being revealed. The kitchen is a place where we find comfort, nurturing and where we go when cooking up new things, while the family room is where we deal with our relations. The living room is how we present ourselves to the world. If you stumble upon an entirely new or unknown room, you may have discovered new things about yourself or hidden potential. The bathroom may mean there is some waste—things you don’t need anymore—that it’s time to dump or that it’s time to wash away old things that don’t serve a purpose anymore.

Think about the room your dream-self entered, and what part of your life it might be telling you about.


What is the state of your house or room like? This tells you a lot about your current mental, emotional or physical state. Is it run down? Perhaps you’re depressed. Messy and cluttered? Maybe you need to get a grip on yourself and start organizing your thoughts and your life. Destroyed? Perhaps you’re having a hard time dealing with a devastating event. Is there nothing in it? You may be feeling empty, lonely or drained. Are there missing walls? Perhaps you’re feeling exposed; vulnerable. Is everything absolutely perfect, clean and shiny? You have achieved mental clarity and self-improvement, and can now enjoy the fruits of your labor—unless it’s too clean. If you find the cleanliness a bit disturbing and unnatural, you may need to relax and not feel so much pressure to be perfect.

Dreaming of a house~ Lnrfkn12

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