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Crossing Over Earthbound Spirits

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Crossing Over Earthbound Spirits Empty Crossing Over Earthbound Spirits

Post by Lunar on Mon Oct 10, 2016 5:24 pm

Earthbounds are the spirits of people who have died, and not crossed over into the Light. There are many reasons why these spirits may have remained earthbound, especially in our society where even the topic of death is feared and avoided.

Earthbound spirits are almost always confused souls. They have died and do not know where to go or how to cross over into the light on their own. Some may fear judgement for their ‘sins’ during life and cling to the earthly realm for fear of going to hell, or to try and ‘right a wrong’ or complete some other unfinished business.

For many of the earthbound spirits who do not cross over into the light, their death was quick and unexpected, such as a car crash or accident, and they may not even realize that they are dead.
There are also spirits who find it too difficult to leave the Earth plane while their families are grieving or they are worried about how their loved ones will cope if they are not around to help.
Earthbound Spirits can be found roaming the houses where they once lived, in bars, or in other buildings where they spent a lot of their time (this is a common cause of so called haunted houses). They do tend to stay where it is familiar to them.

Earthbound spirits no longer have their bodies and they need a source of energy grounded in the physical to stay. Instead of crossing over into the light, spirits will attach to a location, item, loved one, or even a stranger whom they are drawn to. This is usually not intended as a malicious attack, of that they’re there to ‘haunt’, but rather they often feel they can help or are just confused about the process, and attach to someone they love, hate, or to someone who is dealing with similar challenges, problems, or addictions.

When earthbound spirits attach to a person (usually in their aura) the energy is very draining to the person they are attached to…They need help crossing over into the light.

Whatever their reasons for staying, these spirits need to be released into the Light so they can return to Source and continue their souls evolution. They need to know that they won’t be judged and ‘sent to hell’ when they cross over and that they can help and look out for their loved ones much more effectively once they make their transition into the light.

For someone in the spirit who has a spirit attachment, many fears, addictions, aches, negative thoughts, anxieties, desires, pains and behaviors may be be amplified or triggered.
Earthbounds will still crave their addictive substance of choice, and cause you to crave it too. If they’re feeling sad, confused, angry, or frustrated in your proximity, you’ll feel it too (and often mistake these mental formations as your own).

Basic psychic protection will work to keep earthbounds out of your energy, and when you do find earthbound attachments are present in locations, people, or even in your aura, the process for helping them cross over into the light with the assistance of the angels is simple, and effective.

One thing I want to point out is that if you do have an earthbound attachment, you may not realize it, even though it’s triggering negative thoughts patterns and feelings. If you’re not sure, ask your angels for some validation which they will happily bring. Learning pendulum dowsing is another good entry level way to begin receiving clear yes and no answers from spirit. In this case just ask “Is there an earthbound attachment present in my aura, home, neighborhood, office, etc.?”

Releasing Earthbound Attachments....................................................................................

Once you have identified that you have an earthbound attachment present (in you, in a location, or attached to someone else) you are able to help release it into the light with the assistance of the Archangels.

Crossing earthbound spirits over into the light is important lightwork. Even if they have the best intentions for remaining earthbound, they carry dense energy, which when dissipated allows more love and light to shine through for all. It serves them and all to cross over into the light, and with the help of Archangel Metatron and Archangel Azrael I have channeled a simple process to help you do this lightwork.

Archangel Metatron & Archangel Azrael~

“We will dictate this process now, so you will know how to do this for yourself, or for others.
Crossing over lost souls, who have latched onto you or other people is very important work. Earthbound spirit attachments affect you and your world in many ways and releasing them into the light when they are encountered is the highest and best possible action you can take, for you, for them, and for your world.

First, visualize yourself surrounded in an orb of golden and white light. Call upon the assistance of Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, and Archangel Uriel, Metatron and Azrael to help you with the release. Ask these Angels to help show the earthbound attachment that it is now safe to cross over into the light. You may talk to the earthbound and learn who they are, but it’s not required.

Imagine white light above you which calls the light in, and then ask the angels that a family member, friend or pet of the earthbound spirit assist in drawing them into the light.

Breathe and now visualize the orb of light surrounding you and the attachment lifting up into the light. As the orb lifts, the earth-bound attachment is lifted up and out of your energy field. Their loved ones in Spirit reach down and encourage them to go. The earthbound attachment is released into the light, returning back into source energy… For the highest and greatest good.

Now, imagine yourself to be surrounded with white light again, and call in the gentle elements of wind, and rain to wash away any residues, returning your aura and energy to a place of balance, light and love.

Finally call upon Archangel Raphael to soothe your energy with emerald green healing light, and it is finished.

This is the process of releasing earth bound attachments, which you may repeat for yourself and others as you are guided. After the release, check in with your heart, or use a pendulum to verify that the release was successful.


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