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Opening up your third eye~

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Opening up your third eye~ Empty Opening up your third eye~

Post by Lunar on Sun Oct 09, 2016 12:09 pm

Opening your third eye is like opening a doorway to parts of your mind that you weren’t aware existed. The third eye allows for the energy flow to parts of the brain where your intuitions, psychic perceptions, spiritual communications and higher thought orders lie.

Opening your third eye increases your ability to communicate with your higher power, with your higher self, increases your psychic awareness and opens the floodgate to creativity. Try this simple series of meditations to try to open your third eye.


The first step in preparing to open your third eye is to begin meditating. If you've never meditated before, you may wish to get accustomed to the practice for a couple of weeks before turning your attention to the third eye.

Sit in a quiet place. Block out as much external stimuli as possible, such as turning off the phone, telling others not to disturb you, and closing windows so you don’t hear passers-by. Sit and relax in a comfortable position. Take in three, deep, slow breaths.

Focus your attention on your breathing in and out—steady, rhythmically. If any thoughts invade, simply acknowledge them and let them drift by. Don’t waste your energy fighting them, don’t let them drag you away with them. Just observe them and let them go, like clouds floating across the sky.

If you feel any tension in any part of your body, breathe into that part, and as you exhale, release the tension. Sit like this for a few minutes until you are in a relaxed state of awareness, focused on the present.


Once you get the hang of meditation, it’s time to locate that third eye. Put your awareness into your forehead—think about the wrinkles above the brow, the skull, the brain behind it. Just become aware of that area.

You may wish to touch a finger to the spot slightly above and directly between your eyebrows. Touch it gently, move your finger around until you feel a particularly sensitive spot.

Another way to try to access this point is to imagine yourself ‘breathing’ energy in and out through it, just as you breathe air in and out of your nose. Notice the feeling you get when you are attentive to that spot and what touches it, or what passes in and out of it.

Do this during your meditation for a few days until you can readily sense that spot.


Once you feel you’ve got a sense of the third eye, focus on it as you introduce a mantra into your meditation.

Begin your meditation as usual. Part your teeth very slightly and press the tip of your tongue in the space between the top and bottom front teeth. Take a deep breath and slowly let it out as you say the mantra ‘Thoh’ (pronounced like ‘though’).

Really draw out the word for as long as you can. You should be able to feel the vibration against your teeth, and eventually it will travel up to the third eye.
Repeat the mantra a few times. Repeat the meditation daily for a few days, preferably at the same time every day.

There may be tingling or a headache for a while, it might even throb. This depends on how “closed” the third eye had been. But as you proceed it will feel more and more ‘energized’ than uncomfortable.


For the next couple of weeks, continue meditating without the mantra. Inhale and exhale, filling the third eye with positive energy each time.

You will feel the third eye area become more sensitive. You may begin experiencing psychic flashes, improved intuition, very vivid dreams, or find yourself very artistically inspired. If so, congratulations—you’ve opened your third eye!

Opening up your third eye~ Lnrfkn12

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