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Common paranormal experiences

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Common paranormal experiences Empty Common paranormal experiences

Post by Lunar on Sun Oct 09, 2016 1:14 pm

Common paranormal experiences Para10

Many people who have a paranormal experience are afraid to talk about it. They worry that other people will think they're nuts. If you've ever had an experience with something seemingly supernatural and you are afraid to tell people about it, you should know-- you're not alone.
A lot of people have gone through what you have, and many of them are also gun-shy when it comes to talking about these experiences. Some of the most common experiences reported by people include the following.


Experiences with ghosts come in many different shapes and forms. Sometimes, an actual apparition is seen. Other people experience sensations of being touched, or hear someone talk when there is no one else there. Some people have gotten a call from a loved one who they soon after discovered was deceased. When you consider how many people in history have died, it should come as no surprise that ghost encounters are not that rare.


You don't have to be an authentic psychic to get the occasional psychic impression. Everyone is born with a certain amount of intuition, even if we're not all particularly gifted. Under the right circumstances, anyone can have a psychic event. Have you ever gone to pick up the phone and just knew your old high school friend you haven't heard from for 5 years was on the other end of the line?
Ever wake up in the middle of the night knowing a loved one was ill, only to call and find out you were right? Or just get a gut feeling not to go somewhere that turns out having a disaster? These kinds of experiences happen to many people at least once in a lifetime. These kinds of events are particularly common when it comes to people with whom we have a strong connection.


People think of astral projection as some kind of unique experience, but most of us do it frequently. We just do it while we're sleeping and don't remember. We pass in and out of that stage of consciousness that's prime for astral projection every night, naturally. If you find yourself gallivanting around the astral plane, don't be alarmed-- just enjoy the trip.


By some reports, nearly 13 million people claim to have had a Near Death Experience (NDE) at least once in their lifetimes. The most telling thing about NDE's is that they're so similar-- the person feels drawn out of their body, often are greeted by a loved one, sometimes see a light or tunnel with a light at the end. These similarities across cultures and time periods indicate that there is more to these experiences than just hallucination.


Have you ever been in the middle of your day only to stop short and say, “Hey—I dreamed this! Prophetic dreams happen because when you sleep your mind enters a state in which the brain waves are conducive to receiving information psychically. For many people, it’s not even a spectacular event—you find yourself doing some mundane chore or going into some place you’ve never been, and the déjà vu hits.


One of the most common psychic abilities is empathy. Many people who have it don’t even realize it or don’t understand what you are. Empathy is when you pick up on people’s emotions very clearly and are able to tune into that state. If you are someone who has always been very good at reading feelings, you are probably experiencing empathy.

Common paranormal experiences Lnrfkn12

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